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4th trimester.

My baby yogi and I outside of Stanford Children’s Hospital after the NAAF Bay Area Children’s Alopecia Support Meeting.stanford My little girl and I had the honor of teaching a yoga class to the Children’s Alopecia Group of Northern California. Just recently, she was also diagnosed with alopecia areata. About a month ago, my daughter had an allergic reaction, which her doctors believe may have triggered her alopecia. I noticed her small spot, (about the size of a dime), on the back of her sweet little head. The pediatrician and dermatologist confirmed it. The patch has since grown to about the size of a silver dollar. Yesterday we were surrounded by other children with alopecia, their parents and some of their grandparents. A circle of support. All love. We met a dad who shaves his head so that he and his four year old son are twins. During our yoga class, his son was a very typical little boy and seemed to have zero issue with his alopecia. His dad told my husband that he refers to anyone bald as: ‘his people.’ We met older kids that are completely content with their hair loss, and we also met parents that admit that they struggle more than their children do. iyengar As you alopecians know, the autoimmune disease is incurable and although it is not life-threatening, it is life-changing. It is a condition that my daughter and I share, but are learning to choose not to suffer from. My hope is that we can teach our children the principles of wabi-sabi philosophy: not to view anything as flawed, but to always see and celebrate beauty in imperfection. There’s a saying that you should always do what scares you most… well, the thought of this photo shoot scared the sh*! out of me.  I won the SF scholarship and then almost chickened out because I recently shaved my head again.  But I really wanted my daughter to see this one day and truly know that hair is really only one small piece of the physical body and has nothing to do with beauty. It’s almost Alopecia Awareness Month and I’m committed to being open about this autoimmune disease, not for myself, but for both of my babies: 4th Trimester Bodies Project

As always, please know that you are not alone.



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