I am a new mama of two babies under two. I began losing my hair a few months after my son was born and I am now experiencing my most extreme hair loss since the birth of my daughter this summer. I’ve learned that my body is unbalanced and in a state of dis-ease. My Alopecia Project is my way of documenting this journey of loss and growth. It is a tough autoimmune disease, but I am doing my best to cope with the most essential supplements possible: humor, family, friends, food, love, laughter and light.

If you follow this, I hope you are able to find support, inspiration and hopefully it’ll help soothe your soul knowing that you are not alone in this crazy world of living with alopecia. I would love to hear your story, suggestions re: alternative medicine/treatments, nutrition, meditation, yoga, how you’ve coped or whatever you feel comfortable sharing here. XO

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  1. Hello!
    This is Molly Vazquez
    (Author of) Alopecia & Wellness: HOW I GOT MY HAIR BACK TREATMENT FREE. {Available on Amazon}

    You are absolutely right about your body being in a state of imbalance (dis-ease)…in fact every body that is unhealthy is in a state of imbalance. The truth is that doctors are treating alopecia topically through the head just because hair is missing. However, I took another route and figured since no one is getting any results from treating it on an ‘outer’ physicality; What made most sense was to heal my body from the ‘inside’ out. I changed my whole lifestyle from unhealthy to healthy…completely cleaning up my body and in two years I had all of my hair back (I now have to get my hair thinned every few weeks!) I wrote a book on how I got my hair back so anyone can easily follow exactly what I did to achieve such hairy results (haha).


    website: alopeciaandwellness.com

    Email: alopeciaandwellness@gmail.com

  2. a.

    hello molly,
    i am looking forward to reading your book!!!
    there isn’t a lot regarding alopecia and food elimination out there…i am so grateful you’ve shared your story.
    i received my first injections, but also prefer alternative treatments…i like your approach of getting to the root of the disease and healing from the inside out, (your story gives me hope!:) plus, i’m breastfeeding and even though i was told to just pump and dump after, i’d rather change food intake and try the natural remedies for peace of mind.
    i just saw your cookbooks as well…thank you!

  3. Deanna

    Hi there,
    My name is Deanna. I have alopecia universalis for the past 10 years now…wow 10 yrs already 🙂 I connected with your blog bc I am a yoga teacher too. I would love to chat more about alopecia with you. My email is deanna.m.harris@gmail.com if you wanna connect more! thanks!

  4. it is a tough disease, but more so for a woman, I think you’re doing exceptionally well and I applaud your attitude. It’ll be an inspiration for any woman reading your blog, good luck and hopefully soon you’ll tell us you’re cured and with a thick head of hair

  5. Rushit Savla


    My name is Rushit and I’ve recently got this auto immune disease since 4 months and its growing from one small spot to 1 big spot at the back and 2 small spots in the other part of my head.

    You’ve started this blog quite a while back and i’d love to hear from you as to how are you holding up? I’m a 28yr old Male from Mumbai, India. Recently since the past 8-10 months i’ve been not sleeping well and have been under some stress. I guess my body is not that good in handling stress and think this is one of the biggest reason of my hair fall. I have seen spots in my beard too in the last couple of weeks and its not looking good.

    Would appreciate if you can help me from your experience in dealing with this disease. Looking forward to hear from you at rsavla18@gmail.com


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