I’ve shared this one before: Lotus Pose on Two.

Six months later and the Seattle Seahawks win their first Super Bowl in franchise history! The same season the coach implements a mandatory yoga and meditation practice as part of their training program…

Russell Wilson July 29, 2013Photographed by Peter yang

Over the last six months, (as part of my home practice), I included Vrksasana. The benefits of this posture mainly focus energy to strengthen the lower body, but I started meditating on the asana as a representation of growth. This offered a powerful doorway inward. I’d imagine the roots of my hair getting stronger as I found my balance and strength in the grounding of the posture. I’d close my eyes and visualize beautiful redwoods, or a bodhi, banyan, magnolias or a specific oak tree I used to drive by everyday on my way to work. I’d focus on the vitality of those root structures and imagine my own roots strengthen with each breath. Six months ago, my autoimmune disease felt out of control, but with small changes, I’ve seen major growth in a short period of time. I truly believe in the power of moving meditation – yoga!

My journey of yoga teacher training ended today with a lovely graduation ceremony. I signed up for the program in the midst of my hair loss; seeking a little adventure and a way to take my mind off of it. My life has become so much richer in ways I could not have imagined. I am beyond grateful for my Yoga Tree teachers, new friendships, and sacred space created by this new community. I can’t express how much I’ve loved this experience… and I have alopecia to thank for it! Thank you all so very much for your love and support… from the bottom of my heart. XO

A few progress photos over the last few months and our Yoga Tree Graduation!


DSCF8361 DSCF8380 DSCF8403 DSCF8426DSCF8411

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  1. Amoon

    you inspired me :*

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