I set a goal of forty consecutive days of Bikram/Baptiste yoga. I started last night. It was my first hot yoga class in almost a year and it kicked my ass. I slept twelve hours, (well, with breastfeeding every 3ish hours). I was really nervous while walking to the studio that my head scarf might fall off during ustrasana or any inversion, (head-upside-down poses)…  unnecessary anxiety that something might happen. The instructor started the class off with the reminder: ‘Be gentle with yourself. Try not to judge yourself. You are here to let go and allow yourself time to appreciate all that you are in this moment.’ And with that, in a room full of floor-to-ceiling mirrors, I managed to enjoy a ninety minute practice and not have a single thought about hair.

Be like water. Flow around the rocks in life. -Baron Baptiste


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4 responses to “40.

  1. Kina

    I love you you most beautiful woman, mother, sister, friend, daughter, partner, creator, giver.

    Your beauty, grace, compassion, kindness and strength is inspiring. I am so proud to have you in my life.

    Bless your return to yoga!

  2. a.

    right back at ya, phenomenal woman friend! thank you so very much for your love and support.

  3. Yamani

    Oh Ang I just read through every post. Your journey is hard but so beautiful! It’s true that we are all struggling with different things but how powerful you are to build your awareness, perspective and mindfulness! my pangs to visit just got sharper!!! love you.

  4. a.

    oh yam. hard journey, but easier with friends like you that feel more like family… that support and inspire! i look up to you and am so very grateful our paths crossed all those years ago… must say that was one of the best parts of architecture school;)
    ps. the esaisms make me laugh every time. XO

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